ABA can be very hard to run in a classroom setting. ABA is basically about rewarding the behavior you are looking for and not rewarding the behavior you no longer want the child to have. ABA is very successful because “The best information from the meta-analysis is that “rewards increase performance on low-interest tasks (pg 227).” There are no negative motivational effects of rewards if given for low-interest tasks. The study proves that if rewards are given for doing well on something the person doesn’t like their interest and performance can increase but if the reward is given for something the person likes and they earn it no matter how they perform. Their performance and motivation will decrease(Pierce & Cameron, 2002).”

Praise and rewards have been used to help teach animals how to follow basic demands: stand, sit, roll over and to do more advanced tricks. Giving praise and rewards not only works with animals but with people on following instructions as well. Praising children for good behavior HELPS to motivate them and teach them new skills. Kids can get trophies for winning sporting events, getting good grades or doing chores around the house. A+ Praising children doesn’t have to just be giving them something. Just hearing a Good job with that or a high five can be all the praise they need.

Maybe you would like to implement ABA Behavior Programs and  ABA Behavior Management Strategies in your classroom, but you have heard that this type of program is very intensive and time-consuming and takes years to master. The results are amazing but with 10-1 ratios in preschool and way more than that in elementary schools you just don’t have time to do a traditional ABA behavior program. Maybe there is a way to do preschool and kindergarten classroom guidance lessons without spending all that time on one kid.

This is where Mr. Tom comes in. Mr. Tom is Board Certified (BCaBA) and License Therapist. He has been working with children who have behavior issues since 2010. After seeing how impossible it is for teachers to do ABA behavior interventions in their classroom he decided to break down his lessons to smaller and fun pieces. Our modified ABA Behavior Programs allow teachers who do not have enough time to do a traditional 1-1 program but want to help teach their students using scientifically tested and proven. Mr. Tom believes in using positive strategies to help support children so they make good choices. There is no such thing as a bad kid, they just sometimes make bad choices. It’s these choices that Mr. Tom’s ABA Lessons work to improve on.

In the classrooms I have worked in, some kids can make it hard for the rest of the class to learn. These kids are very disruptive and always require the teacher’s attention. But starting an ABA behavior program for 1 kid can be very hard and time-consuming. 

When Covid-19 started, I created teletherapy behavior lessons. These were made for one child but could easily be used for the entire classroom. Using different ABA strategies and breaking them down into smaller parts and managing preschool behavior just got easier!

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