The Rusty System for Better Classroom Management

As a professional educator, you know how behavior influences your classroom environment for better or worse. With countless moving parts to consider in any education atmosphere, you might wonder where to start. The RUSTY System is something that I have created to help teachers understand and implement basic ABA strategies in their classrooms for better classroom management. Rusty is an acronym for:

R: Routine and Structure

U: Understand the Expectations (based on the CHAMPS System)

S: Student Feedback and Engagement

T: Token Economy

Y: “Yes!” is what you’ll say about your class’s behavior!

  1. First, implement a daily Routine and Structure in your classroom.  
  2. When your students Understand the Expectations, they know what to do during an activity. 
  3. Bonding with the student is the first step to giving Student Feedback.
  4. Token Economy is significant.
  5. YES,” their behaviors are getting better. 

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